Muslim Saleem’s Aligarh connections

I (Muslim Saleem) was born in Shahabad (Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh) in 1950 though my school leaving certificate shows the date of birth as November 1, 1954. Though I was born at Shahabad, I was brought up in Aligarh where I imbibed my early education at Qazi Para-based AMU City Primary School (Which has now become a girls school). Later, I studied from class VI to X at AMU City School, which is situation near the Exhibition Ground. From there, I went to Aligarh Muslim University from where I did my B.A. (Honours) in Political Science with Psychology, Economics, Urdu and Persian. I also did first year of LLb but had to abort the course before exams due to unavoidable reasons and moved to Allahabad from where I did M.A. in Arabic. At Aligarh, I lived at a house called Godaam, which was owned by my maternal aunt Begum Aisha Khatoon’s husband Khwaja Mohammad Masood. It was actually a tobacco godown in which a portion was used as residence. The first floor of this building was used by my cousins Khjwaja Hashmat Kamal and Khwaja Haleem (who later became a minister in UP), Chhote Syed Mamoon. For some time, Syed Salahuddin and Syed Abdus Salaam alias Saeed Mamoon also lived. I lived in this house till about 1970 and then was allowed to live on the upper story of Mr Khwaja’s Masood’s house when my mother Mrs Umme Habiba Begum left for Allahabad to live with her elder son. Earlier, the family of Dr. Ghayyur sb lived in that house with his fathter, and brothers Ragheeb, Baleeqh, Sayeed and my childhood friend Syed Nafeesul Hasan. The upper story where these people and later I lived was said to be spookey, means it was haunted by ginnies. (Jinnat). There were tales in circulation that Jinnat used to lift the cot of anyone sleeping at a particular place in the open area and put it atop the tinshed. And the person concerned used to be astonished and shaken when he woke up in the morning. When I was allowed to live almost alone in that portion, I sometimes felt some uncanny and eerie movements, but was not scared. Sometimes, the doors and  windows of this portion started shaking when there was no wind, pointing vividly that there was something amiss. But since no harm was coming to me, I use to lie down without being much bothered, although I used to recite whathever little Duas I had imbibed. In fact, I had experience more spookey events in Godam earlier where I had come face to face with a very tall spookey figure. I lived in this portion of the house till I moved to Allahabad in the year 1974.

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About Dr. Ataullah Butt

Dr Ataullah Butt M.D (Berlin) was the phupha (uncle) of My (Muslim Saleem’s) father Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem. He was appointed by Dr Ziauddin as Principal of Tibbia College although he was an allopath. Dr Butt was an ardent Ziaudddin supporter in the University politics and was a close confidante of Chaudhri M. Zafarullah, a member of the Viceroy’s Council. Dr Butt after independence stayed back in Aligarh in his palatial house at Marris Road. He loved humanity as a whole and kids in particular. This writer remembers a septuagenarian Dr Butt with a smiling visage often distributing ‘lemon drops’ to the locality kids. He was also a great philanthropist. I vividly remember that scores of people were given alms by him when he had started a clinic after retirement at Baradwari, Aligarh. Dr. Butt’s elder son Hameed Butt had settled for sometime in Bombay and made a couple of films. Later, he migrated to Pakistan and passed away there. Dr. Butt’s younger son Mahmood Butt was an ICS and rose to become the chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh. Mr Mahmood Butt was highly honest and upright. During his stint as administrator of Allahabad Municipal Corporation, Mr Mahmood Butt had the courage to serving notices to Anand Bhavan, and realize the bills for electricity and water, which were not cleared since Independence. He shot to national fame and repute after this courageous act and Indira Gandhi promoted him to the post of chief secretary. However, Mr Mahmood Butt relinquished the post after 4 and a half successful years in the office due to differences with Sanjay Gandhi. I (Muslim Saleem) stayed with Dr. Mahmood Butt for some time during the last leg of his chief secretaryship at Lucknow and when he resigned and formed a new political party with Jagjivan Ram. (Mr Mahmood Butt passed away in Bagalore, where he had settled, in the year 2010). Dr. Ataullah Butt’s daughter Mrs Amina Malik was a learned person. She had married col. Majeed Malik and died in Pakistan in October 15, 2004 at the age of 91 years. Salman Rushdie is also the son of Dr. Butt’s another daughter. In one of his speeches on March 10, 2010, Salman Rushdie recalled Dr. Ataullah Butt in following words:

“My mother’s father, Dr Ataullah Butt, taught me the same lesson from a different end of the religious spectrum. Unlike my father, my maternal grandfather was a devout man, who said his prayers five times a day throughout his life, and made the pilgrimage to Mecca. He was also a man of infinite sweetness, tolerance and patience, who taught his brood of grandchildren that there were to be no limits, in his presence, on what could and could not be discussed. “Babajaan, I’ve decided I don’t believe in God,” a serious little boy could say to him and he would reply, “Is that so? Come and sit down here beside me and explain to me how you arrived at such a foolish conclusion.” His tone might be gruff, but his eyes were twinkling. Openness: it was always openness with Dr Butt. And we learned from that twinkle in his eyes that it was all right to push, and test, and try to open the universe a little more, even before we knew how.”(Click link)


Here I am presenting pictures to tell the tale of my Aligarh connections.


rReconstructed house at Qazi Para where Muslim Saleem was brought up

Muslim Saleem in front of Lal Phatak Qazi Para

Muslim Saleem in Lal Phatak Qazi Para
House of Khwaja M. Masood at Qazi Para Aligarh. Muslim Saleem also resided on the first floor for some years.
Muslim Saleem in front of Qazi Para mosque (Dec 2010)
Muslim Saleem at AMU City School (2010)
Muslim Saleem at the back side of AMU City School
Muslim Saleem at the gate of AMU City School, Aligarh (2010)
Class VI of AMU City School, Aligarh (2010) where Muslim Saleem studied.
Muslim Saleem at the gate of Arts faculty, AMU, Aligarh (2010)
Muslim Saleem with friend Prof Khursheed Ahmad, Urdu dept, AMU (2010)
Muslim Saleem with cousin Khwaja Haleem (Former UP Minister) at Bargad House, Doodhpur, Aligarh (2010)
Muslim Saleem with childhood frient Syed Nafeesul Hasan (2010).
Muslim Saleem with Mr Sajid Naeem at Sir Syed House (2010)
Muslim Saleem with friend Abul Kalam Qasmi at Urdu dept, AMU, Aligarh (2010)
Muslim Saleem with cousin sister Sauleha Apa’s family
Muslim Saleem with Dr Mehtab Haidar Naqvi and Siraj Ajmali at Urdu dept, AMU Aligarh (2010)
Muslim Saleem with Librarian of Kennedy Hall library Qamar Javed (left) 2010
Muslim Saleem with Tariq Chhatari at Nazima House, Amir Nishan, Aligarh (2010)


Muslim Saleem with Sir Syed Academy director Prof Shan Mohammad, who also taught him as political science teacher. Pic year 2010
Muslim Saleem with childhood friend Khwaja Aslam at AMU Canteen (2010)
Muslim Saleem at Kennedy Hall, AMU Aligarh. 2010

Muslim Saleem in front of Azad Library, AMU, Aligarh 2010.


Muslim Saleem with Kareemullah's son Shakeel, Qazi Para, Aligarh 2010

Saleemullah's son Pappu with Muslim Saleem, Qazi Para, Aligarh 2010

Shop at Baradwari, Aligarh (extreme left) where Dr. Ataullah Butt's (inset right below) clinic existed

A beautiful Tanjore painting by Ruby Khwaja, daughter of Khwaja Haleem and niece of Muslim Saleem. The painting depicting Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, has won prizes and acclaims.

A group photo of Muslim Saleem's maternal great grandfather Mr Syed Abdul Baqi (sitting third from right) at AMU, Aligarh in 1935. Muslim Saleem's maternal aunt Begum Aisha Khatoon (girl child sitting on the floor extreme right) and mother Begum Umme Habiba girl child sitting on the floor third from right) are also seen.


About Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem (born 1950) is a great Urdu poet, writer and journalist and creator of massive directories of Urdu poets and writers on different blogs. These directories include 1. Urdu poets and writers of India part-1 2. . Urdu poets and writers of India part-II 3. Urdu poets and writers of World part-I 4. Urdu poets and writers of World part-II, 5. Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh, 6. Urdu poets and writers of Allahabad, 7. Urdu poets and writers of Shajahanpur, 8. Urdu poets and writers of Jammu-Kashmir and Kashmiri Origin, 9. Urdu poets and writers of Hyderabad, 10. Urdu poets and writers of Augrangabad, 11. Urdu poets and writers of Maharashtra 12. Urdu poets and writers of Tamil Nadu, 13, Urdu poets and writers of Karnataka 14. Urdu poets and writers of Gujarat, 15. Urdu poets and writers of Uttar Pradesh, 16. Urdu poets and writers of Canada, 17. Urdu poets and writers of Burhanpur, 18. Urdu poets and writers of West Bengal 19. Female Urdu poets and writers, 20. Hindu Naatgo Shuara etc. These directories can be seen on :- 1. 2, 3., 4. 5. 6 7. (Life) Muslim Saleem was born in 1950 at Shahabad, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh in India, brought up in Aligarh, and educated at Aligarh Muslim University. He is the son of the well-known Urdu poet Saleem Wahid Saleem. He has lived in Bhopal, India since 1979. (Education): Muslim Saleem studied right from class 1 to BA honours in AMU schools and University. He completed his primary education from AMU Primary School, Qazi Para Aligarh (Now converted into a girls school of AMU). He passed high school exam from AMU City School, Aligarh and B.A. Hons (Political Science) from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. Later, Muslim Saleem did M.A. in Arabic from Allahabad University during his stay in Allahabad. (Career) Muslim Saleem began his career as a journalist in the Urdu-language newspaper Aftab-e-Jadeed, Bhopal. He is multilingual journalist having worked on top posts with Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi), Central Chronicle (English), National Mail (English), News Express (English) and most recently as the chief copy editor of the Hindustan Times in Bhopal. At present, Muslim Saleem is English news advisor to Directorate of Public Relations, Government of Madhya Pradesh. (as on December 1, 2012). (Works and awards) Muslim Saleem has been appointed as Patron of Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society. He is the author of Aamad Aamad, a compilation of his poetry published by Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academi. Several of his couplets are well known in the Urdu language. He won the Yaad-e-Basit Tarhi Mushaira, a poetry competition, in 1982. In 1971, Muslim Saleem was awarded by Ismat Chughtai for his Afsana “Nangi Sadak Par” at AMU Aligarh. His ghazals and short stories have been published in Urdu-language publications Shair, Ahang, Asri, Adab, Agai, Naya Daur, Sada-e-Urdu, Nadeem and other periodicals and magazines. His work in service of the Urdu language was recognized in a special 2011 edition of the periodical Abadi Kiran, devoted to his work. Evenings in his honour have been organised in a number of cities. Muslim Saleem is currently compiling a massive database of poets and writers of the Urdu language, both historic and currently active. (Translation of Muslim Saleem’s work in English): Great scholar Dr. Shehzad Rizvi based in Washington has translated Muslim Saleem’s ghazal in English even though they have never met. Dr. Rizvi saw Muslim Saleem’s ghazals on websites and was so moved that he decided to translate them. (Praise by poets and writers) Great poet and scholar of Urdu and Persian Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi has also written a number of poetic tributes to Muslim Saleem. Dr. Azmi and Muslim Saleem are yet to meet face to face. Beside this, great short-story writer and critic Mehdi Jafar (Allahabad, Bashir Badr (Bhopal), Jafar Askari (Lucknow), Prof. Noorul Husnain (Aurangabad), Kazim Jaffrey (Lahore) and a host of others have written in-depth articles defining Muslim Saleem’s poetry. (Muslim Saleem on other websites) Muslim Saleem’s life and works have been mentioned on Wikipedia,, and several other website. In fact, has given credit to Muslim Saleem for lifting a number of pictures and entries from Muslim Saleem’s websites and blogs. (Address): Muslim Saleem, 280 Khanugaon, VIP Road, Bhopal-462001 Mobiles: 0 9009217456 0 9893611323 Email: Best couplets: Zindagi ki tarah bikhar jaayen…… kyun ham aise jiyen ki mar jaayen kar di meeras waarison ke sipurd…. zindagi kis ke naam mar jaayen rooh ke karb ka kuchh mudaawa no tha doctor neend ki goiyan likh gaya wo dekhne mein ab bhi tanawar darakht hai haalanke waqt khod chuka hai jaden tamam My Facebook url is!/pages/Muslim-Saleem/176636315722664?sk=info Other blogs
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14 Responses to Muslim Saleem’s Aligarh connections

  1. Zia Roomani says:

    Sir. I refered your web site & got a treasure of knowledge.thank you.~Zia Roomani.Kolar.Karnataka(Short Story Writer)

    • muslimsaleem says:

      Dear Zia Roomani ASAK
      I have sent an email to you. You may send your profile and picture. Asks others also to do the same.

      Muslim Saleem

      • Zia Roomani says:

        Sir, ASAK, Better you publish the address of this blog on Facebook. As Many Urdu writers and poets takes part on Facebook. May I know the address of this blog so I can invite my friends to this blog in future.

  2. Mohd Amir Mintoee says:

    Sir, Asslam-O-Alekum,
    As you are our senior and this collection shows your love and feelings about Aligarh and sply A.M.U. So i want to meet you when ever it is possible. So Please tell me when is it possible on my mail id.
    Allah Hafiz
    Mohd Amir Mintoee

  3. Mohd Ahmad Shewan says:

    apka tazkara abdul raheem ne kiya tha purani yadein taza ho gayin kbhi aligarh ana ho to peshgi itala den take mulaqat ka mauka mil sake

  4. Shuja Ahmad says:

    Dear Muslim Bhai, Assalam O Alekum,
    Great Memories of Aligarh .Thanks for nice blog.Your blog misses some important persons of the city Qazi Mohammad Ahmad Ullah (Late) & Mufti Mohammad Abdul Qayyum (Late) both of them were the stalwarts of Aligarh & nearby areas.Hazrat Mufti Abdul Qayyum was a well known Aalim I deen of Indo Pak.I would like to request you that if you please send me Mobile nos Of Mufti sb ‘s Son Mohammad Irfan Hameed & Khwaja Parwaiz Ahmad younger brother of Khwaja Aslam as they are my childhood friends. I shall be thankful to you.
    Shuja Ahmad

  5. Zafar Ahsanul Haq Advocate says:

    My dear Muslim ASAK,
    gone through your remenicences of Aligarh the child hood experiences and I am very much impressed by your expressions.

  6. Zia Roomani says:

    Mohtarmi o mukarami, assalam alekum….
    My ne aap k pathay per apne afsano’n k majmua “Fikr e imroz” ba-zarye post irsaal keya hai. Jisay he aap ko melay barah e karam mujh nacheez ko muthla karne ki zohmath gawatra farmae’n tho banda aap ka mashkoor o mamnon hoga. Agar es adna se kawish ko par kar aap ne apne thasrath aur besh baha masweron say nawazen tho mujh nacheezki hausla afzayee hogi. Duva mey yaad farmae’n ain nawazish hogi.
    Zia Roomani

  7. Zia Roomani says:

    Mohtarmi, asalam alekum,
    Apne jawab say jald az jald nawaze’n. My aap k buland khayalath aur anmool mashwero’n ko pa kar mujhay apni khismath per naaz hoga. Munthazar hon. Zia Roomani

  8. Nomaan Butt says:

    Assalam o alequm
    You know so much about my family, even I don’t have idea of many things mentioned here. I am Nomaan Butt, great grandson of Dr. Ataullah Butt and grandson of Mahmood Butt and son of Tariq Butt.
    I graduated from the university with engineering in 2009. Among the photos, there is the one of Dr Butt’s clinic, I never had the chance to go there. Once I visited my ancesteral home on marris road, this was sold to a lala by my grandfather Mahmmod Butt, now on most of the land huge buildings have come up and a bank operates in a part of the house and in the rest lala family lives in. I would like to show my gratitude to you for putting all the information about my family, I am honored by this.

    • muslimsaleem says:

      Dear Noman, wa alaikum assalam
      Dr. Ataullah Butt Saheb was the husband of maternal aunt of my father. Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem. In fact, Dr. saheb had done a lot to guide life and career of my father then myself. I and my generations will remain indebted to him and his great wife. I distinctly remember Mr Tariq Butt. I used to visit Buttkada even when he had opened a billiards club other there. Pl. tell me about your whereabouts. You can have correspondence with me on my email address

      Best wishes

      Nuslim Saleem

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