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Urdu poets and writers of Dehli/Haryana/Punjab/Himachal by Muslim Saleem

  • Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.(The poetry portion of this site is edited by Muslim Saleem, who is poet, writer and journalist of repute. Muslim Saleem is the original pioneer of web directories of Urdu poets and writers. He has created such directories of Urdu poets and writers with database of over 15 thousand poets and writers.   This directory can also be seen by surfing ‘urdu poets and writers of india on google or directly in the poety section of khojkhabarnews.com) mobiles: 9009217456, 9893611323 phone 0755-2730580  Email:saleemmuslim@gmail.com

Dear readers, since this directory was getting very lengthy, I have also launched its second part on  http://urdunewsblog.wordpress.com/


Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi

Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi is an eminent poet of classical Urdu Languge/poetry. He was born on 25th of Dec.1954 in Azamgarh (U.P.). He completed his education both from Shibli National College Azamgarh and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He completed his Masters in Urdu & Persian as also degree in education and topping that with a doctorate in modern /classical Persian from the Centre of African & Asian Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU) in the year 1996.He has travelled as part of his study tour  to many countries including Iran and Afghanistan. Presently he is serving as Translator-cum-Announcer (T/A incharge), in Persian service of the External Services Division of All India Radio, New Delhi. Dr.Barqi Azmi is devoted to the cause of furthering Urdu language through his rendering of Urdu poetry in general as well as “Topical Poetry “on various issues  of National and International prominence. For example a series of couplets titled “Yaad e RaftagaaN”-a poetic tribute to living and deceased Urdu poets including the stalwarts/legends like Wali Dakkini, Meer Taqi Meer, Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Allama Shibli, Sir Syed and Faiz to name just a few. He is also well known for writing on such issues as: natural disasters like the 2004 Tsunami, 2011,Japan earthquake, scientific expeditions, on health topics like Polio & AIDS etc, environmental issues like pollution, Global Warming and also on UN mandated International Days(World Earth Day, Mothers Day, International Science Day etc).Dr.Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi has not only brought spotlight for his native Azamgarh but also his Alma meter Dayar e Shibli also known as Shibli National  College. His collection of poetry is easily accessible on Internet on various Urdu Websites & facebook.Here is a link of his personal websites: http://www.drbarqiazmi.com , http://drbarqiazmi.yolasite.com. He can be contacted on mobile No. +919868894385.
ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی کی موضوعاتی شاعری : ڈاکٹر غلام شبیر رانا
 اردو ادب میں موضوعاتی شاعری پر بہت کم توجہ دی گئی ہے .قلی قطب شاہ سے لے کر ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی تک اردو میں موضوعاتی  شاعری نے جو ارتقائی سفر طے کیا ہے اس کا جائزہ لینے سے یہ حقیقت روز روشن کی طرح واضح ہو جاتی ہے کہ موضوعاتی شاعری نے اب ایک مضبوط اور مستحکم روایت کی صورت اختیار کر لی ہے .اس رجحان کو انجمن پنجاب کی خیال پرور اور فکر انگیز شاعری سے بے پناہ تقویت ملی .آقائے اردو مولانا محمد حسین آزاد کی مساعی سے اردو میں‌موضوعاتی شاعری کو ایک اہم مقام ملا.اس کے بعد یہ روایت مسلسل پروان چڑھتی رہی .عالمی شہرت کے حامل نامور شاعر محسن بھوپالی کا ایک شعری مجموعہ “موضوعاتی شاعری ” کے نام سے آج سے پندرہ برس پہلے شائع ہو چکا ہے .اس سے یہ صداقت معلوم ہو تی ہے کہ روشن خیال ادیبوں ،دانشوروں اور شاعروں نے موضوعاتی شاعری کی اہمیت کو تسلیم کرتے ہوئے اس صنف میں طبع آزمائی کی .مجھے یہ جان کر خوشی ہوئی کہ ممتاز ادیب ،شاعر ،دانشور ،نقاد اور محقق ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی نے اردو کی موضوعاتی شاعری پر بھر پور توجہ دی ہے .ان کی شاعری کے متعدد نمونے میرے سامنے ہیں .وہ جس موضوع پر قلم اٹھاتے ہیں اسے لا زوال بنا دیتے ہیں .ان کا اختصاص یہ ہے کہ وہ عظیم تخلیق کاروں کو منظوم خراج تحسین پیش کر کے ان کے بارے میں مثبت شعور و آگہی پرواں چڑھانے کی مقدور بھر سعی کرتے ہیں .اس میدان میں ان کی مساعی اپنی مثال آپ ہیں .جس انداز میں وہ اپنے موضوع پر طبع آزمائی کرتے ہیں اوروں سے وہ  تقلیدی طورپر بھی ممکن نہیں.اس لا زوال اور ابد آشنا شاعری میں کوئی ان کا شریک اور سہیم دکھائی نہیں دیتا.مرزا اسداللہ خان غالب ،میر تقی میر ،احمد فراز،پروین شاکر،فیض احمد فیض ،سید صادقین نقوی،مظفر وارثی اور متعدد عظیم تخلیق کاروں کو ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی نے جس خلوص  اور دردمندی سے خراج تحسین پیش کیا وہ نہ صرف ان کی عظمت فکر کی دلیل ہے بلکہ اس طرح ان کا نام جریدہ عالم پر ہمیشہ کے لیے ثبت ہو گیا ہے .ان کا اسلوب ان کی ذات ہے .وہ انسانی ہمدردی کے  بلند ترین منصب پر فائز ہیں .کسی کا دکھ درد دیکھ کر وہ تڑپ اٹھتے ہیں اور فی البدیہہ موضوعاتی شاعری کے ذریعے وہ تزکیہ نفس کی متنوع صورتیں تلاش کر کے ید بیضا کا معجزہ دکھاتے ہیں.ان کی موضوعاتی شاعری کا تعلق کسی ایک فرد،علاقے یا نظریے سے ہر گز نہیں ان کی شاعری میں جو پیغام ہے اس کی نوعیت آفاقی ہے اور وہ انسانیت کے ساتھ روحانی وابستگی اور قلبی انس کا بر ملا اظہار کرتے ہیں .ان کا یہ اسلوب انھیں ممتاز اور منفرد مقام عطا کرتا ہے .ان کے بار احسان سے اردو داں طبقے کی گردن ہمیشہ خم رہے گی . انھوں نے تہذیبی اور ثقافتی اقدار کو اشعارکے قالب میں ڈھال کر  وہ معرکہ آرا  کارنام انجام دیا ہے جو تاریخ ادب میں آب زرسے لکھا جائے گا.

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey

akhtar-ul-wasey (He has been awarded Padmashri on January 25, 2013) Born and educated in Aligarh. (He was a schoolmate of Muslim Saleem at AMU City School Aligarh in 1960s). Did BA (hons) in 1971 and MA (Islamic Studies) from Aligarh Muslim University in 1977. Joined Jamia Millia Islamia as lecturer in 1978 and rose to professor in 1991 till date. He is a very good orator apart from a versatile writer and has won many awards. Mailing address: Deptt. of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025. Ph. 011-26981717 Extn. 2852 . Residence: 0091-11-26986077. (See details onhttp://www.jmi.nic.in/FHum/awasey_is.htm.)


Aleena Itrat

aleena itratBirthplace-Nagina district Bijnor Working as an school incharge in noida. POETRY BOOK- ‘ SOORAJ TUM JAAO ’ book Awarded By Urdu Academy Delhi in 2015 (first prize) book awarded by Bihar urdu academy in 2016 (second prize) Got Farogh e Urdu Award 2014 & nagina award in 2016 Got swayamsiddha mahila award 2017 ACTIVITIES; Shayari, story & Articles writing. Regular publishing of poetry most famous national ,international magzines Active participation in Radio, Television programmes such as talks,stories for children & ladies & mushairas etc. Active participation in National & International seminars, workshops, mushairas etc. International activities- 1-Participated in three days international conference of Alhamra Lahore Pakistan 2-participated in international poetry programme in BAHRAIN (18 FEB 2016) 3-Participated in three days international seminar in DOHA QATAR 27,28,29 november 2016 4- participated three days international seminar n mushaira in KUWAIT.. 5-Abudhabi 9 march 6-Riyadh in April

Aleena itrat 49-A Dhawalgiri Apartment Sector-11 Near Nehru Yuva Kendra NOIDA Pin-201301 Cell-8882688571 Email-aleenaitrat@gmail.com


Anees Mirza

Born in 1947 in Old Delhi, he is the creator of detective heroes Karnal Zahid and Captain Jawed. His latest novel is Aag Ka Beta (2014). “I write everywhere, including in friends’ drawing rooms. One murder mystery was set in the house of a friend in (Old Delhi’s) Pahari Imli.” A stylish man, Mr Mirza wears a beret even at home. He retired as a proofreader from a small publishing house in Daryaganj, and lives in the Chandni Mahal area. (Courtesy-Arundhati Roy)


Amarjeet Singh Amar Ambalvi

Is a poet of Punjabi and Urdu.  Born : 30 October 1957


Anjum Usmani

anjum usmanShort-story writer Anjum Usmani was born in 1952 in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh (UP), home to the famous Islamic seminary, Mr Usmani is devoted to the Muslim culture of western UP. His most recent book is Kahin Kuch Kho Gaya Hai (2010). “I am the only graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband to have enrolled in Pune’s Film and Television Institute of India.” He retired as a Doordarshan assistant station director and lives in a Lodi Colony government apartment allotted to his wife. (Courtesy-Arundhati Roy)


Anwar Anjum



Aqil Ahmad

aqil ahmadCritic and writer Aqil Ahmad was born in 1960 in Sultanpur, UP, his notable books include Urdu Novel Par Taksime Hind Ke Aasrat (1986). “Nobody writes about us Urdu writers,” says Mr Ahmad, who lives in Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin. He works as the secretary at the Ghalib Academy, where he entertains visiting poets with milk-less tea and literary gossip. (Courtesy Arundhati Roy)


Bhupendra Nath Kaushik Fikr (Haryana)

Bhupendra Nath Kaushik Fikr: July 7, 1924—October 27, 2007. Was a Hindi and Urdu language poet, writer and satirist. He was born in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. He completed basic study in Ambala Cantt Haryana. After that he settled in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and completed an M.A. in English. He was an employee of BSNL. After pursuing writing along with his service for some time, he became well known as an Urdu storywriter. But when he was settled in Jabalpur, he did write poetry in Hindi. He won the “Sahitya Maneeshi alankaran” in 2005 for his satire, “Koltar Main Aks”.


Chandrabhan Khayal



He was born on April 30, 1946 at Babai in Hoshangabad. In recent years, he has emerged as leading poet of Urdu Nazm and regarded as a giant among non-Muslim poets in line with Pt Daya Shankar Naseem, Pt Labburram Josh Malsiyani, Dr. Jagannath Azad and Raghupati Sahai Firaq Gorakhpuri. Babai is a place where Urdu teaching facilities were not available. Therefore, Khayal acquired the knowledge of Urdu through self-reading. After graduation he reached Delhi where he came into contact with Pt Ramkrishna Muztar Kakodwi, under whose guidance he became an expert of Urdu. In the early years, he used to writer poetry under the pseudonym ‘Chandra’ but later changed it to ‘Khayal’ on the suggestion of Firaq Gorakhpuri At present, he is the vice-chairman of Council for Promotion of Urdu Language in India at New Delhi. (Also see his entry in Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh at this site) Best couplets:

Parbat se utar kar chali jangal mein hawa tez

Main bhi usi raftaar se kuchh door chala tez

Phir dhoop mein saayon ke huey sainkdon tukde

Phir waqt ki talwar ko suraj ne kiya tez

Inhen mandir banana hai, unhen masjid banana hai

Koi sunta naheen unki, jinhen ik ghar banana hai

(biodata of Chandrabhan Khayal sb updated on April 18, 2015)

Name                   : CHANDER BHAN KHAYAL

Adress for

Correspondence    : H. No – 23, Gali No 14 – B, Kaushik

Enclave, Burari Extn., Delhi – 110084

Date of birth             : 30-04-1946

Place of Birth           : BABAi, Distt. Hoshangabad (M.P)


Father            : Late Shri Kunjilal Bhagoria

Mother           :  Late Smt. Ajudhdhi Bai

Wife               : Smt Radha  Khayal

Sons                 :  Sangharsh, Utkarsh, Akarsh and Nishkarsh

Education                  : B.A from Sagar University ( M.P. )

Language’s Known    : Urdu, English, Hindi, Sanskrit,

Bundeli is his mother Tongue.

Career                         : Journalism

Worked for several years in Udru Dailies “Savera” and “Tej” as a Sub Editor.

Worked with Urdu Daily “Quami Awaz” New Delhi as a Senior correspondent since 1983 to 2006

At present – Chief Editor of Hindi Weekly “Bhavya Bharat Times” New Delhi.

Books published          : 1 A collection of poems “Sholon Ka Shajar” (1979 ).

: 2 A  collection of poems “Gumshuda Admi Ka Intezar” (1996)

3. Kumar Pashi – Ek Intakhab, (1997, published by Delhi Urdu Academy).

4. Laulak ( A long poem based on holy life of  “Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) 2002.

5. A collection of poems in Hindi “Sulagti Soch ke Saye” (2008)

6. A collection of poem Subh –E-Mashriq ki Azan (2008).

7. Kuliyat-E-Kumar Pashi (Published by Council for Promotion of Urdu language, 2012)

8. EHSAS KI AANCH ( Selected Poems) 2015.

Awards and Honours

Received                        : 1. U.P. Urdu Academy Award for Poetry.

  1. Sheri Bhopali Award of M.P. Urdu Academy for Poetry
  1. Delhi Urdu Academy Award for Poetry
  1. Nai Awaz, New Delhi Award for Poetry (Lailak)
  1. New Face, New Delhi Award for Poetry
  1. All India Unani Tibbi Conference Award for National integration
  1. Makhan Lal Chaturvedi Rashtriya samman (M.P.)
  1. Special Award by International prophetic poetry conference (Iran)
  1. Hindi Urdu Sahitya Sangam Award, Lucknow (U.P.)

10.  Tagore Literature Award, 2010 by Sahitya Academy & Samsung India (Subh-E- Mashriq Ki Azan).

11.  Iqbal Samman (2009-10) by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.

Positions held

:  1. Hony. Secretary of World Urdu conference  (1988)

2. Member, Governing council of Delhi Udru Academy  for two teams

3. Member Panel of Judges for International Award of Anjuman-e-Farogh – e- Urdu, Doha (Qatar).

4. Member, Urdu Advisory Board, Sahitya Academy New Delhi (2008 to 2012)

5.Vice Chairman of National Council for Promotion of Urdu language

Govt. of India from February 2008 to 2011

6. Convener, Urdu Advisory Board, Sahitya Academy New Delhi (2013 to 2017)

7. Member, General Council and Executive Board,

Sahitya Academy Nw Delhi  (2013 to 2017)

8. Member Urdu Advisory Board, National Book Trust of India, New Delhi

9. Member of Various other Literary and cultural bodies in the capital

In the field of Literature and culture

: A notable well known Urdu Poet of the Sub-continent.

: Since last forty five years tirelessly dedicated to the cause of Development , Advancement and refinement of the National cultural and literary   scene

:P articipated important All India & Aalmi Mushairas throughout the Country  including historical  Lal Quila Mushaira on Republic Day.

:P articipated international Mushaira at Doha (Qatar)

:  Participated  international conference on Prophetic at Mashad (Iran)\

:  Participated  international Urdu Conference as a chief  guest at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

: Participated % presided over  an international Mushaira at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

:Have been widely acclaimed as a Poet, Critic, commentator and participated in Radio and T.V. programmes, literary seminars, study circles and also taking part in various other intellectual and cultural activities.

Telephone     : 011- 27611051

Mobile          : 9971903035

E-mail           : cbkhayal@gmail.com

chander intisabchander ehsas


Dr. Baran Faruqui

: बारां फारूक़ी She is Associate Professor in Department ofEnglish and Modern European Languages, Faculty of Humanities and Languages, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025. Being the daughter of illustrious Shamsur-Rahman Faruqi, she knows Hindi, Urdu and Persian apart from English. Her major works include translations from Urdu to English. She has reviewed some books as well including Chandrabhan Khayal’s poetic collection ‘Laulak’. Address: 34, Mujeeb Bagh, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025. Phone office: 26981717 Extn. 2950. Residence 9810492090, and 9312253431. E mail Address baranrehman@rediffmail.com.


Farhat Ehsas

Born in 1952 in Bahraich, UP, he is fixated on the “dialectic situation between body and soul”. Ehsas, whose forthcoming book is titled Yeh Jism Ka Tasawwuf, doesn’t believe in God, or in “archaic” terms like atheism. He lives in Greater Noida, UP, and is the chief editor of Rekhta.org. Farhat Ehsas is university fellow of Muslim Saleem. They had attended several programmes together in Aligarh Muslim University.


 Ghazanfar Ali

Novelist, short-story writer, poet Ghazanfar Ali was born in 1953 in Gopalganj, Bihar, his latest poetry collection, Ankh Mein Luknat, was published in February. Mr Ali takes his morning walk armed with a pen and piece of paper because “ideas hit me anytime, anywhere”. He is the director, Academy of Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers, Jamia Millia Islamia, and lives in Shaheen Bagh. Ghazanfar Ali is university fellow of Muslim Saleem. They had attended several programmes together in Aligarh Muslim University.


Prof Gopichand Narang

prof gopi-chand-narangProf Gopichand Narang – a colossus who walks Urdu literary world: Muslim Saleem

Words fall short when one tries to enlist works and achievements of Prof. Gopichand Narang. In the world of Urdu of criticism, he is an unmatched personality, who has written innumerous books and delivered umpteen addresses. Such personalities are born in centuries.

Gopi Chand Narang (born 11 February 1931 in Dukki, Balochistan) is theorist, literary critic and scholar who writes in Urdu and English. His Urdu literary criticism has incorporated a range of modern theoretical frameworks including stylistics, structuralism, post-structuralism and Eastern poetics. Prof. Narang received a master’s degree in Urdu from the University of Delhi, and a research fellowship from the Ministry of Education to complete his PhD in 1958.

Narang taught Urdu literature at St. Stephen’s College (1957–58) before joining Delhi University, where he became a reader in 1961. In 1963 and 1968 he was a visiting professor at the University of Wisconsin, also teaching at the University of Minnesota and the University of Oslo. Narang joined Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi as a professor in 1974, rejoining the University of Delhi from 1986–1995. In 2005, the university named him a professor emeritus.

Narang’s first book (Karkhandari Dialect of Delhi Urdu) was published in 1961, a sociolinguistic analysis of a neglected dialect spoken by indigenous workers and artisans Delhi. He has published over 60 books in Urdu, English and Hindi.


He has produced three studies: Hindustani Qisson se Makhooz Urdu Masnaviyan (1961), Urdu Ghazal aur Hindustani Zehn-o-Tehzeeb (2002) and Hindustan ki Tehreek-e-Azadi aur Urdu Shairi (2003). Narang’s related volumes—Amir Khusrow ka Hindavi Kalaam (1987), Saniha-e-Karbala bataur Sheri Isti’ara (1986) and Urdu Zabaan aur Lisaniyaat (2006)—are socio-cultural and historical studies.

In addition to teaching, Narang was vice-chairman of the Delhi Urdu Academy (1996–1999) and the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language – HRD (1998–2004) and vice-president (1998–2002) and president (2003–2007) of the Sahitya Akademi.


Narang has been recognized for his work. He was an Indira Gandhi Memorial Fellow of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts from 2002–2004, and a 1997 resident of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Italy. Narang received the Mazzini Gold Medal (Italy, 2005), the Amir Khusrow Award (Chicago, 1987), a Canadian Academy of Urdu Language and Literature Award (Toronto, 1987), an Association of Asian Studies (Mid-Atlantic Region) Award (US, 1982), a European Urdu Writers Society Award (London, 2005), an Urdu Markaz International Award (Los Angeles, 1995) and an Alami Farogh-e-Urdu Adab Award (Doha, 1998). He is the only Urdu writer honoured by the presidents of both India and Pakistan. In 1977 Narang received the President’s National Gold Medal from Pakistan for his work on Allama Iqbal, and received a Padma Bhushan (2004) and Padma Shri (1990) from India.[1] He received honorary Doctor of Letters degrees from Aligarh Muslim University (2009), Maulana Azad National Urdu University (2008) and the Central University in Hyderabad (2007). Narang received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1995, the Ghalib Award in 1985, Urdu Academy’s Bahadur Shah Zafar Award, Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad Award (both in 2010), Madhya Pradesh Iqbal Samman (2011) and the Bharatiya Jnanpith Moorti Devi Award (2012). The Sahitya Akademi conferred on Narang its highest honour, the Fellowship, in 2009.

Books (Urdu)

  1. Hindustani Qisson Se Makhuz Urdu Masnawiyan (1961) 2. Iqbal Ka Fann (ed. 1983) 3.     Usloobiyat- e-Mir (1985) 4.     Urdu Afsana, Riwayat Aur Masail (ed. 1986)

Saniha-e-Karbala Bataur Sheri Isti’ara (1986) 5.     Amir Khusrau Ka Hindavi Kalaam (1987) 6.     Adbi Tanqeed Aur Usloobiyat ( 1989) 7.     Sakhtiyat, Pas-Sakhtiyat aur Mashriqui Sheriyat (1993) 8.     Urdu Ghazal aur Hindustani Zehn-o Tahzeeb (2002) 9.     Hindustan ki Tehreek-e-Azadi aur Urdu Shairi (2003) 10.     Taraqqi Pasandi, Jadidiat, Maba’d-e-Jadidiat (2004) 11.     Jadidiat ke baad (2005) 12.     Urdu Zaban aur Lisaniyat (2006) 13.     Dekhna Taqreer ki Lazzat (2009) 14.    Fiction Sheriyat (2009) 15.     Kaghaz-e Atish Zadah (2011) 16.     Tapish Nama-e Tamanna (2012) 17.     Aaj ki Kahaniyan (2013) 18.     Ghalib : Ma’ni-Afrini, Jadliyaati Waza’, Shunyata aur Sheriyaat (Ghalib : Meaning, Mind, Dialectical Thought & Poetics) (2013)


  1. Karkhandari Dialect of Delhi Urdu (1961) 2. Urdu Language and Literature: Critical Perspectives (1991) 3. Readings in Literary Urdu Prose (ed. 1965) 4. Rajinder Singh Bedi: Selected Short Stories (ed. 1989) 5.  Krishan Chander: Selected Short Stories (ed. 1990) 6.  Balwant Singh: Selected Short Stories (ed. 1996) 6.    Let’s Learn Urdu (2000)


  1. Amir Khusro ka Hindavi Kalam (1987) 2. Urdu Par Khulta Dareecha (2004) 3. Samrachnavad, 4. Uttar-Samrachnavad evam Prachya Kavyashastra (2000) 5.  Urdu Kaise Likhen (2001)


Pt Anand Narayan Zutshi Gulzar Dehlavi

Gulzar DehlaviHe was born on 7 July, 1926 in Old Delhi’s Gali Kashmeerian. Both his father Allama Tirbhoon Nath Zutshi “Zar” Dehlavi and mother Brij Rani Zutshi “Bezar” Dehlavi were Urdu poets. Punditji did his schooling in the Ramjas school and BVJ Sanskrit School. He did his MA from Hindu College, and law from Law College. He also passed Adeeb Fazil and Munshi Fazil examinations of Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu Hind which was then affiliated to Punjab University. He was closely associated with Baba-e-Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq and Allama Datatrya Kaifi.
The gradual decline of Urdu in its traditional homeland, has made people suspicious about its future, even Urdu-speaking people hardly show interest for this sweet language as a result future seems gloomy for Urdu. Amidst this, there is a man of karma who is confident about Urdu’s future, devoting all his efforts for popularizing and echoing the message of peace through Urdu shairi. Pandit Gulzar Dehlavi is not an ordinary man. He is  an octogenarian leading an active yet simple life. Moreover, he is a person of ganga jamuni tehzeeb. He is a truly Gandhian, wearing sherwani and churidaar pajaama and Nehru cap and working tirelessly for Hindu Muslim harmony through Urdu poetry. He devotes every moment of his life for Urdu. Today national and international mushhairas are not complete without his presence.

For speaking in favour of Urdu, he does not care about anyone. For him, Urdu is not a mere language, it is a messenger of peace, love and affection depicting the true culture of India. “It is our language, our forefathers always used Urdu. How can I treat Urdu badly. There have been politics and conspiracies to destroy Urdu”, he says.

After Independence, when Government started Science Reporter in English and Vigyan Pargati in Hindi, he was in the forefront who raised the voice for starting science popularizing magazine in Urdu also, and he was supported in this by the then Minister of Education Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Later he was appointed as the first editor of Science ki Dunia, India’s first popular science magazine in Urdu. He fought 12 long years against government for this magazine until the government relented in 1970, and the first Urdu Science magazine was published in 1975. He served the magazine from 1975-89 as an editor. He said that “it  was very hard time to me when everyone was suspicious about Urdu, and  the government machinery didn’t cooperate with me. For others it is a service or career but for me it is was my mission.” Every year since inception from 1975 to 1985, Science ki Dunia organized a programme to celebrate Annual Science Day and this function was attended  by the nation’s eminent scientists, educational, social and political personalities but the bureaucrats did not cooperate. This didn’t deter him and he continued to work with full devotion leaving no stone unturned for making conducive atmosphere for Urdu. “The  activities against Urdu didn’t make me weak,” he said adding that many official irregularities hindered his work, sometimes paper for printing was not available and other times sanction of certain needs was delayed but there were many personalities like Dr. Naudama, Dr. Syed Hasan Zaheer, Anwar Jamal Qidwai, Pandit Anand Narain Mulla, Deewan Anand Kumar (former VC, Punjab University), Professor Swaroop Singh, Hakeem Abdul Hameed, Professor R.C Mehrotra (former VC, Delhi & Jodhpur universities) who loved Urdu and they were source of inspiration and  helped a lot at hard times.

He said, today the condition for Urdu is favourable and Urdu should be promoted as a language of peace and this is a democratic and fundamental right of Urdu people. Urdu’s future is bright.

It will always flourish because its foundation is based on love and affection.  There are many countries where Urdu is taught at university and school levels. Urdu is a live and active language and it will still be a live language on the dooms day. Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi people use 60% Urdu words. In poetry, pro-Urdu diction has come.

He advised every Urdu-knowing person to take the responsibility to teach Urdu privately to their family members, to their friends and relatives and also teach Urdu script up to the level of class VI to their new generation and this will be sufficient for the development of Urdu. What we see today is a conspiracy against Urdu and the remedy lies in the hands of Urdu people.

Gulzar  aabroo-e-zuban ab hami se hai
Dilli me apne baad yeh lutf-e-sukhan  kahan.

(Based on an interview) courtesy The Milli Gazette and  Asad Faisal Farooqui



Iffat Zarrin

Poetess Iffat Zarrin was born in 1958 in Old Delhi, she grew up serving tea to her late father’s poet friends. “I recently wrote a poem on my maidservant.” Her first poetry collection, Be-Sahil Darya, came out in 2000. She works as a bursar in a women’s college in Delhi University and lives in Old Delhi’s Galli Hakimwalli. (Courtesy Arundhati Roy).


Iqbal Ashhar

iqbal asharHe is a popular poet of Mushairas. Date of birth: 26 October 1965. Birth Place:Delh.  Father: Abdul Latif (Amroha), Mother Name: Sakeena Khatoon (Aligarh ). education: B. A. (zakir husain college ) book of poetry: ratjage -2010. Iqbal Ashhar T-395 gali no 24 Bismillah Appartment Gautam Puri Delhi-110053. Mobile 098998 92190


راستہ بھول گیا ایک ستارہ اپنا

چاند نے بند کیا جب سے دریچہ اپنا

روز آئینہ دکھاتی ہے زمانے بھر کو

زندگی دیکھ لے تو بھی کبھی چہرہ اپنا

عکس تیرا کبھی اوجھل ہو اگر منظر سے

آئینہ ڈھونڈھتا رہ جائے اجالا اپنا

سوچتا ہوں تری تصویر دکھا دوں اس کو

روشنی نے کبھی سایہ نہیں دیکھا اپنا

یہ سلگتا ہوا صحرا ہے نشانی اس کی

راستہ بھول گیا تھا کوئی دریا اپنا

تمہاری خوشبو تھی ہم سفر تو ہمارا لہجہ ہی دوسرا تھا

یہ عکس بھی آشنا سا ہے کچھ مگر وہ چہرہ ہی دوسرا تھا

وہ ادھ کھلی کھڑکیوں کا موسم گزر گیا تو یہ راز جانا

ادھر شناسائی تک نہیں تھی ادھر تقاضا ہی دوسرا تھا

گلاب کھلتے تھے چاہتوں کے چراغ جلتے تھے آہٹوں کے

جہاں برستی ہیں وحشتیں اب کبھی وہ رستہ ہی دوسرا تھا

کبھی نہ کہتا تھا دل ہمارا کہ آنسوؤں کو لکھیں ستارہ

جدائیوں کی کسک سے پہلے یہ استعارہ ہی دوسرا تھا

اداس لفظوں کے راستے میں یہ روشنی کی لکیر کب تھی

محبتوں کے سفر سے پہلے غزل کا لہجہ ہی دوسرا تھا


Khalid Jawed

Short-story writer, novelist was born in 1963 in Bareilly, UP, he specializes in magic realism. His new novel, Nematkhana (2014), uses food to sketch an alternative history of man. The protagonist hallucinates each time he sees food being cooked in the kitchen. A devotee of mutton korma, Mr Jawed teaches Urdu at Jamia Millia Islamia and lives in Okhla.


Khurshid Akram

Poet, short-story writer was  born in 1953 in Kolkata, he says he’s an “almost-atheist”. His famous story Majbe Ki Bhede, published 20 years ago, was about an animal that rebels on its way to the slaughterhouse. Its English translation appeared last year in an anthology. Mr Akram, who works with All India Radio, lives in the Batla House area. (Courtesh Arundhiti Roy)


Mahendra Pratap Chand (Haryana)

haryana mahendra pratap chand


 Majid Deobandi

Majid DeobandiDr. Majid Deobandi is a reputed poet and academician. Dr. Majid Deobandi was born on July 7, 1964 at Deoband. He passed High School and Intermediate Examinations (science side) from Deoband in 1979 and 1981 respectively. Dr. Majid received B.A. and M.A. (Urdu) degrees from Meerut University with top ranks. He was awarded Ph. D. degree on his thesis on Khwaja Hasan Nizami. He also excelled in extra-curricular activities during student life.

He has participated as a promising poet and has conducted Mushairas too, Allama Iqbal is the favorite poet of Majid Deobandi that is why the philosophy of Iqbal, especially Islamic thoughts and ideology is reflected in his poetry. Dr. Majid Deobandi’s poetry is highly in fluenced by Islamic history and he is an established name in the world of literature with regard to the Islamic orientation of his poetry. In 1990, he joined Jamia MIllia Islamia University, New Delhi and the Jamia community is proud of his talent and his calibre as he bring laurels to Jamia by representing the university in the literary world. For fifteen years he worked as Announcer in All India Radio. At present, he is working as Urdu News Reader (Casual) in Doordarshan India (Delhi).

The first collection of his ghazals, ‘Lahoo Lahoo Aankhen’ was published in 2000 and received well appreciation by the masses and experts. Zikr-e-Rasool, a collection of Na’at’s (encomium on the Holy Prophet-(pbuh) and Hamds (poem praising Allah) has been published in 2006. Zikr-e-Rasool, a collection of Na’at’s (gencomium on the Holy Prophet-(pbuh) and Hamds (poem praising Allah) has been published in 2006. A Poetry Book “Lahoo Lahoo Aankhen” in Hindi has been published in 2007. Also a poetry ” Shaakh-e-Dil” has been published in 2011. Besides this a collection of literary articles written by Dr. Majid Deobandi “Meri Tehreeren” (My Writings) and ” Jugnoo Bolta Hai” will be published shortly.


President award 1993 for Urdu Poetry, 2.   Abul Kalam Aazad Urdu Poetry Award 1995 3.    Urdu Poetry Award 1996    Nai Aawaz Urdu Poetry Award 1996 4.    Rajiv Gandhi Urdu Poetry Award 1997 5.     Mirza Ghalib Urdu Poetry Award 1998  Tasmia Urdu Poetry Award 1999 6.     Faza Ibn-e-Faizi Urdu Poetry Award 2000 7.     Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Award 2000    Best Urdu Poet Award 2001 8.    Aziz Barabankwi Naatia Award 2001 9.    Best Urdu Poetry Award 2001 10.    Aaina-e-Haq Urdu Poetry Award 2002 11.     Afaq-e-Urdu Award 2002 12.     Kaifi Aazmi Urdu Peotry Award 2005 13.     Urdu Sabha Peotry Award 2005    Raashid Masood Urdu Poetry Award 2006 14.     Fakhr-e-Deoband Award 2006 15.     Kamal Madrasi Urdu Peotry Award 2006    Allama Iqbal Urdu Poetry Award 2007 16.     Maulana Mohd. Ali Jauhar Urdu Poetry Award 2008 17.     Appreciation Award 2009    Speaker Abdul Shakoor Award 2010 18.     Waqaarul Mulk Award 2010 19.     Appreciation Award 2011

Dr. Majid Deobandi is a Member, National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi. He is a Editor of an Urdu Magazine “Adabi Meezan” published from Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025. He is also Asstt. Editor of an Urdu Quarterly Magazine “Tadrees Nama” from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025. He is a Founder President of All India Minority Education Trust (Regd.), New Delhi-110025.


R-16, Meezan Apartment, Nafees Road, Jogabai Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025

Moble 09810859786, o9968269786 E-mail: mail@majiddeobandi.in

drmajiddeobandi@yahoo.com Website: http://www.majiddeobandi.in


Barey Bhaiyan Street, Deoband-247554 Distt. Saharanpur (U.P.)


Mateen Amrohi

Poet Mateen Amrohi was born in 1952 in Amroha, UP, Mr Amrohi muses on the many depressing themes of our age, from the environment to the religious divide. He spends quite a bit of time around poet Mirza Ghalib’s marble tomb in Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, where he lives. A retired mechanical engineer, his most well-known book perhaps is Zameen-e-Ghalib (2010).


Mohammad Waliullah Wali

Mohammad Waliullah WaliPoet from Patna, India lives in Delhi where he is a Radio Personality at All India Radio News. He studied at Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi, He had early education in o Vaishali Vidyalaya Mahua, Vaishali. Arooz-e-Subh is his Majmooa.


Mubarak Badri

Mubarak Badri is an emerging and young Urdu poet, writer and journalist living in Delhi. He is associated with Jung Jadeed daily newspaper from Delhi. His articles also appear in Sahafat daily and other magazines and periodicals. He hails from Kandhla (Uttar Pradesh). He was born on December 20, 1992.

Mob: 081719 15239 and 090155 67403

نام: محمد مبارکMubarak Badri
تخلص: بدری
وطن: گڑھی دولت، قصبہ کاندھلہ، ضلع شاملی یوپی
تعلیم: عالمیت اور فضیلت
پیشہ: صحافت
مشغلہ:شاعری و نثر نگاری
طبع آزمائی: غزل و نظم
پسندیدہ صنف: غزل
شاعری کی ابتدا: دوران تعلیم سے
اخبار سے وابستگی: ایک سال سے
تخلیقات کی اشاعت: مختلف اخبارات ، ویب سائٹس اور فیس بک پر
پسندیدہ شعراءو شاعرات:غالب ،اقبال، فیض، احمد فراز، ساغر صدیقی، جون ایلیا، شکیب جلالی، احسان دانش،عرفان صدیقی،
پیر زادہ قاسم، عباس تابش، ساز دہلوی، میکش امروہوی، پروین شاکر، کشور ناہیدرشدی ندا بمبئی۔
پسندیدہ قلمکار: مولانا آزاد، شورش کاشمیری، عطاءالحق قاسمی، نصرت ظہیر۔
منتخب تخلیقات
شب ظلوم کے پردے اٹھائیے تو سہی
نسیم صبح ہے نغمے سنا ئیے تو سہی
وفائے ہم نفساں تو ڈبو رہی ہے مجھے
اب انتقام رقیباں بچائیے تو سہی
بپا ہے حشر بداماں بس اک نظرکےلئے
نگاہ ناز کے صدقے لٹائیے تو سہی
چمک رہے ہیں ستارے سبھی مقدر کے
جنوں کی راہ پہ چل کر دکھائیے تو سہی
حریم ذات سے غم کو فرار مل نہ سکے
دیار غیر میں دل کو لگا ئیے تو سہی
مدام ہجر کا بدری یہی مداوا ہے
سکوت شب سے ہی دل کو لبھائیے تو سہی
حسن ہو شوخ تو نظارہ جواں ہوتا ہے
ان کے دیدار سے ایسا ہی سماں ہوتا ہے
پھوٹتی ہے لب ِخنداں سے شگوفے کی کرن
جیسے سیپی سے کوئی موتی عیاں ہوتا ہے
لعلگوں ہونٹ کسی پھول کی پتّی جیسے
اور گالوں پہ گلابوں کا گماں ہوتا ہے
یوں نظر آتی ہے ان کے لب و عارض کی چمک
چاند جیسے کوئی چلمن سے عیاں ہوتا ہے
زلف بر دوش جب آتے ہیں بصد ناز و ادا
آمد ِباد ِبہاری کا سماں ہوتا ہے
جب چشم نیم باز نے چھیڑا ہے بار بار
پھر ہم نے شوق سے اسے دیکھا ہے بار بار
اک بار پی لی بس، یہ شراب ِغمِ جہاں
یہ بار بار کیسا تماشا ہے بار بار
یہ ان کی کج نگاہ نے چھوڑا ہے کیسا تیر
جو دل کے پار ہو کے بھی چبھتا ہے بار بار
تو جب سے ٹھہرا چارہ گرِ زخمِ جان و دل
صحرائے غم میں تیرا ہی چرچا ہے بار بار
یہ ان کی اپنی سوچ کہ میرے نہ ہو سکے
میں نے تو ان کو اپنا ہی سمجھا ہے بار بار
تھک ہار کے ہوا دلِ بدری یوں باز خواں
یاران انجمن! تمہیں ڈھونڈا ہے بار بار


Musharraf Alam Zauqi

Musharraf Alam ZauqiNovelist, short-story writer Musharraf Alam Zauqi was born in 1963 in Arrah, Bihar, his novel Bayaan (1994) traced Hindu-Muslim fissures in the years leading up to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992. “The heroine in my new novel, Nala-e-Shabgeer, is always on top, even in the bedroom.” He produces TV programmes for Doordarshan and lives in Geeta Colony.

“Aatish-e-Rafta ka Suraagh”, a new novel by Musharraf Alam Zauqi

It is a 400-page novel which revolves around senstives issues of Muslims in India.

(See 2 links below on Muslim Saleem’s blog)



Naeema Jafri Pasha

short story writer

Naeema Jafri Pasha*******************************************************************************************************

Nafees Bano Shama

Short story writer

Nafees Bano Shama********************************************************************************************************

Dr Nashtar Amrohvi

nashtar amrohviPoet & Writer Dr Nashtar Amrohvi is from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh. He studied from Imamul Madaris Inter College, Amroha. Presently, he lives in Delhi, India where he is an employ at Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital Delhi. Earlier he was a Technician at PWD.

مرے دادا جو برٹش فوج کے نامی بھگوڑے تھے

نہ جانے کتنی جیلوں کے انہوں نے قفل توڑے تھے

چرس کا اور گانجے کا وہ کاروبار کرتے تھے

خدا سے بھی نہیں ڈرتے تھے بس بیگم سے ڈرتے تھے

مرے تائے بھی اپنے وقت کے مشہور چیٹر تھے

کئی جیلوں کے تو وہ ہاف ایرلی بھی وزیٹر تھے

ہر اک غنڈہ انہیں گھر بیٹھے غنڈہ ٹیکس دیتا تھا

تجوری توڑنے کا فن انہیں سے میں نے سیکھا تھا

چچا مرحوم ناسک جیل سے جب واپس آئے تھے

تو مشہور زمانہ اک طوائف ساتھ لائے تھے

وہ ٹھمری دادرا اور بھیرویں میں بات کرتی تھی

ترنم میں ثریا اور لتا کو مات کرتی تھی

مرے والد خدا بخشے کہیں آتے نہ جاتے تھے

سحر سے شام تک اماں کے آگے دم ہلاتے تھے

تھی اک بکرے نما براق داڑھی ان کے چہرے پر

مگر پھر بھی کبڈی کھیلتے تھے رات کو اکثر

میں اپنے باپ دادا کے ہی نقش پا پہ چلتا ہوں

مگر بس فرق اتنا ہے وہ غنڈے تھے میں نیتا ہوں

پولس پیچھے تھی ان کے تھرڈ ڈگری کی ضیافت کو

مرے پیچھے بھی رہتی ہے مگر میری حفاظت کو

نہیں پروا کہ لیڈر کون اچھا کون گندہ ہے

سیاست میری روزی ہے الیکشن میرا دھندہ ہے

سیاست میں قدم رکھ کر حقیقت میں نے یہ جانی

چرا کارے کند عاقل کہ باز آید پشیمانی


Nigar Azim

Short-story writer and poetess Nigar Azim was born in 1951 in Meerut, UP, she authored a travelogue on Tashkent titled Gard-e-Awargi (2006). Her last book, Imarat, was published in 2010. Ms Azim recently created a flutter by describing men as masoom (innocent) in an interview to the Urdu newspaper, Roznama Rashtriya Sahara. A retired schoolteacher, she used to teach drawing. She lives in the Batla House area with her five sons.


Nauman Shauq

Poet Nauman Shauq was born in 1965 in Arrah, the recurring themes in his work are love, fascism and communalism. Author of five collections of poems, in both Urdu and Hindi, his most recent work, Apne Kahe Kinare, was published last year. Like Marcel Proust, he writes in his bedroom and is often scolded by wife Samina for leaving books all around the place. A programme executive at All India Radio, he lives in Greater Noida. (Courtesy Arundhiti Roy)


PP Shrivastava Rind

PP Shrivastava RindPoet and critic PP Shrivastava Rind was born in 1933 in Farrukhabad, UP, he has authored 15 poetry collections; his Qundeel Abhi Roshan Hai came out in 2014. Half-burnt houses, smog and crowds are common metaphors in his work. Rind is also a very fine poet of Naat.He lives in Noida.


Prof Irteza Karim

prof irtiza kareemHis real name is Prof Syed Ali Karim, Prof Irteza Karim is Director National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, He is a good litterateur. Recently, he has been bestowed with International Sahir Award. Prof Irteza Karim has been hailed for contribution in propagating Urdu in the country. Prof Irteza Karim has been head, department of Urdu of Delhi University.


Sarfaraz Ahmad Sarfaraz Dehlavi


Shahidul Islam

Shahidul IslamHis real name is Mohammad Sharafat Ali. The journalist from Begusarai (Bihar) is currently working in New Delhi as News Editor of Hindustan Express. Formerly he was News Editor at Qaumi Tanzeem, He  Studied Topic: Contemporary Urdu Media in Delhi(In The Light of Selected Newspaper) for M.PHIL. He did  B.A.URDU (Hnrs.) at T.M.Bhagalpur University and Ph.D in urdu at JNU New Delhi, He lives n Delhi, India


Rajinder Manchanda Bani

Rajendra Manchanda Bani

Poet Rajinder Manchanda Bani (1932-1981) was a was born at Multan in 1932. His family migrated to Delhi in 1947 where he died in 1981. He was an M.A. (Economics) from Punjab University, and a school- teacher. Harf e Mautabar (1972), Hisab e Rang (1976) & Shafaq e Shajar are his three collections of poems. He was a poet of neo-classical ghazal who did not use conventional imagery and was original in style; he was an effective user of Hindi diction. He was a physically weak person who did not maintain good health throughout his life-time but possessed a sturdy mind; he lived for 49 years. He was a teacher in a local school till death.


Rakhshanda Roohi

Short-story writer Rakhshanda Roohi was born in 1965 in Deoband, Ms Roohi teaches Hindi in a senior secondary school. Her most recent collection is Magar Aik Shaakh e Nihaal e Gham (2012). The male protagonists in her work have always been white-haired men in black clothes. “I used to write love stories,” she says. “We are open-minded but women are bound to follow society’s rules.” Ms Roohi, who now focuses on women-centric themes, lives in Sukhdev Vihar.


Riaz Kidwai

Critic Riaz Kidwai was born in 1948 in Lucknow, UP, he contributes literary pieces to Urdu dailies such as Roznama Rashtriya Sahara. He makes it a point to step out every day. “I travel in an autorickshaw if I’m in a white shirt, otherwise by bus.” He lives in Laxmi Nagar.


Saaz Dehlavi

saaz dehlaviBorn 3 July 1945. Real name Abdul Hameed.

ek sher

ab aisa koi bhi akhbar ghar naheen aata

jo khaak o khon ki lekar khabar naheen aata


 Shahpar Rasool

Poet and critic Shahpar Rasool was born in 1956 in Bachhraon, UP, Mr Rasool has authored two ghazal collections, Sadaf Samandar (1988) and Sukhan Saraab (2000). He is ready with a new volume; the title is yet to be decided. Interested in “all aspects of life, including ishq (romance) and husn (beauty)”, he says his best ideas come to him around 5am. He teaches Urdu at Jamia Millia Islamia and lives in Ghaffar Manzil.


Shams-ul-Haq Usmani

Critic Shams-ul-Haq Usmani was born in 1948 in Deoband, he is best known for compiling and editing Poora Manto, the complete works of Saadat Hasan Manto. Three volumes have been published so far and four more are on the way. He works daily from 11pm until the call for morning prayer. He retired as head of Jamia Millia Islamia’s Urdu department and lives in Ballimaran.


Tarannum Riaz

Novelist, short-story writer, poet and critic Tarannum Riaz was born in 1963 in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, Ms Riyaz’s key themes are urban poverty and the big city’s inhumanity. Her famous novel, Barf Aashna Parindey (2009), was set in Kashmir, Delhi and England. She moonlights as a “casual” Urdu newsreader on All India Radio and lives in Jangpura Extension.

tarranum riyaz


Zahina Siddiqui

zahina siddiqui profile english

muslim-saleem-on-zahina-2muslim-saleem-on-zahina-1muslim-saleem-on-zahina-3zahina solo

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draft urdu burhanpur

This is Google’s cache of http://khojkhabarnews.com/2017/07/05/urdu-poets-and-writers-of-burhanpur/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 21 Apr 2018 12:24:26 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more.

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Urdu poets and writers of Burhanpur by Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.
Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.

(The poetry portion of this site is edited by Muslim Saleem, who is poet, writer and journalist of repute. Muslim Saleem’s ash’ar are widely popular due to being connected with grassroots. It was his idea that we created this directory of Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh-Chief Editor, Ataullah Faizan and Editor (Abdul Ahad Farhan) (See Muslim Saleem’s poetry with English and Hindi translations at this web site, muslimsaleem.blogspot.com and muslimsaleem.wordpress.com) Email: muslimsaleem@rediffmail.com mobiles: 9009217456, 9893611323 phone 0755-2730580. Muslim Saleem is an alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and is DCE of Hindustan Times, Bhopal. Related directories: Urdu poets and writers of India and Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh on khojkhabarnews.com’s poetry section)

(Note the list of deceased litterateurs in the end of this directory)


Zindagi ki tarah bikhar jaayen……kyun ham aise jiyen ki mar jaayen

kar di meeras waarison ke sipurd….zindagi kis ke naam mar jaayen

rooh ke karb ka kuchh mudaawa no tha….

doctor neend ki goiyan likh gaya

wo dekhne mein ab bhi tanawar darakht hai

haalanke waqt khod chuka hai jaden tamam

From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.
From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.




Urdu poets and writers of Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh)


Burhanpur poets


Aseer Burhanpuri

Aseer Burhanpuri complete


Jabir Burhani

from right t oleft) makhdoom jabir burhani (shagird Rashid Burhanpuri) siraj ahmed ansari(shagird fazil ansari) Naseer ansari(shagird fazil ansari) Rasheed indori(shagird shadan indori) — with jabir burhani.
from right t oleft) makhdoom jabir burhani (shagird Rashid Burhanpuri) , siraj ahmed ansari(shagird fazil ansari)
Naseer ansari(shagird fazil ansari), Rasheed indori (shagird shadan indori)



Khaleeq Burhanpuri

Khaleeq BurhanpuriBorn in 1906. Composed first ghazal in 1928. He was linked to Ustad Nashikh. His disciples include Mahmood Durrani, Shafeeq Raz and Qaisar Ansari. His ghazal was an amalgam of old and new schools. Khaleeq died on April 6, 1987. Best couplet;

Kitna hasratnaak hai apni wafaaon ka ma’al

Mit gaye ham aur kis aitbaar aata naheen

(see also; http://khojkhabarnews.wordpress.com/category/urdu-poets-and-writers-of-burhanpur/


Mahmood Baig Saaz Burhanpuri

saaz burhanpuriSaaz Burhanpuri (01 Jul 1922  – 10 Oct 2010 ) was among very few legendary personalities of Burhanpur of last century .He had a multi facet personalities encompassing fields of literature (largely Urdu poetry), English journalism, acedemics ( urdu literature , English literature and Psychology ), public life (Politics , social work , public speaking ) and oratory and public stage performance of mushairahs and otherwise both as participant and anchor. His Contemporaries include Shakeel Badauni (his inmate of Aligarh Muslim University ), Jaan Nisar Akhtar, Ali Sardar Jafri, Mansha ur rehman KhanMansha (Nagpur),Aijaz Siddiqui ( Shair, Bombay), Sheri Bhopal ,Mahir ul Qadri, Dilawar Figar,Shauq Mahiri,Kaif Bhopali,Kaif Bhusawali,Qamar Bhusawali,Dr Khushtar khandwi,Raza Khandwi(Qazi Manzil Khandwa …Perhaps name forgetting),Mehmood Durrani (Burhanpur / Bombay),Raja Mehdi Ali Khan,Khalish Jafri (Mohd Ahmed Siddiqui(Burhanpur / Bombay),Kaifi Azmi,Majrooh Sultanpuri,Sahir Ludhianvi…some of them were his very close friends ( yaar e ghaar aur ham niwala wa ham piyala)His female Contemporaries include Zaib un Nisa Zeb,Meena Qazi,Sabira Suroor,Nigar Sultana (Cine Actress). His majmooa is ” Taar e nafas ” (1995). His mention has also been made in ‘ Burhanpur meiN urdu nasr nigaari…maazi aur haal ke aaine meiN” by prof. Waseem iftekhar Ansari ( Nov 2012).
His kins include Masood Baig Tishna(elder son),Indore) Retd St Manager BOB, Tilat Sultana Qureshi (Govt Lecturer, Bhopal and Aasim Baig ( Younger son a business man in Bhilai, CG).


Masood Baig Tishna

Masood Baig TishnaHe is the elder son of late Saaz Burhanpuri.Brought up at Burhanpur [M.P.,India],Educated at Burhanpur,Sagar & Khandwa.Retired from Bank of Baroda as Sr.Manager from Indore,M.P.[India].Edu:MSc,LLB,CAIIB,PGDBM. Interests Composing Urdu/Hindi Poetry, Attending Mushairahs as Shair & /or as listener, Reading vividly, Interest in Public Speaking, Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy. Tishna is Retired Sr Manager, Bank of Baroda and lives at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India







Naeem Rashid Burhanpuri  نعیم راشد برہان پوری

پاگل کس کو ڈھونڈ رہا ہے، ہاتھوں میں تصویر لئے
لوگ یہاں  پر چہروں کو دن رات  بدلتے رہتے ہیں

Shabana Nikhat Ansari

Name : Shabana Nikhat Ansari

Husband’s name: Waseem Iftekhar

Date of Birth :26.06.1980

Languages Known:Urdu,Persian,Arabic,Hindi,English

Address for communication: Permanent Address; 366/25B Near Super Sizing MominjamatKhana Road

Ansar Nagar Burhanpur 450331 M.P.

Email :shabananikhat26@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: 09691243449

Paper Present :-

1              Madhaya Pradesh ke Urdu Adab mein Mehmood Zaki ki Khidmaat           Govt. Madhav College, Ujjain     20-21 Febuary 2012

2              Bhartiya Sanskriti avam Sahitya  Mata Jija Bai Govt. P.G. Girls College, Indore       08 January 2013

3              Urdu Ghazal 1947 tak     Mata Jija Bai Govt. P.G. Girls College, Indore       27-28 Sept.2013

4              Nai Nasal ke liye Misali Paikar Rasheed Indori      Islamia Karimia College, Indore  09 March 2014

5              Hindi mein Vigyaan lekhan avam Vigyan Patrkarita: Chunotiyan avam Sambhavnaye        Maharani Laxmi bai Govt. P.G. Girls College, Indore             30-31 Oct 2014

6              Composition of Colours Maharani Laxmi bai Govt. P.G. Girls College, Indore         15-16 Dec. 2014

7              Sangeet Mein Navachar                Maharani Laxmi bai Govt. P.G. Girls College, Indore         23-24 january2015

8              Yuvaon Mein Barhta Tanav Chunotiyan avam Samadhan               Govt.Girls College, Khargoan (M.P.)        06-07

Febuary 2015

9              Naitik Mulya avam Sahitya           Govt. College Dhamnod                23-24 Feb. 2015

10           Urdu Mein Scientific Criticism     Indore Christian College, Indore                21-22 March. 2015

Workshop :

1              National Workshop on Quality Education in Science         Maharani Laxmi bai Govt. P.G. Girls College, Indore         19 March 2013

  1. International Workshop On Yoga. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt. Arts and Commerce College, Indore     12-13 February 2014

Papers Published :

1              Mehmood Zaki:Danishwaron ki Nigah Mein Urdu Mela Nagpur M.S.        January February 2014

Page 04-07

2              Dr. Sharfuddin Sahil Ki Tanqeedi Aur Tehqeeqi Kawish    International Monthly Journal

Hakimul Ummat: Srinagar Kashmir, ISSN 3021-4213. February 2014 Page 19-20

3              Vidarbh Mein Jadeed Urdu Shairi             International Monthly Journal

Tehreer-e-Nav Mumbai, ISSN 2231-6531 . November 2014, Page 56 & 51

4              Tehreek E  Aazadi Ka Alambardar Shair:Khaleeq Burhanpuri         International  Journal


5              Burhanpur Mein Silsila E Meer Ke Shoura: Ek Tayrana Jayeza

International Quarterly Journal

ISSN 2278-0718, Shirpur-Dist Dhule M.S.                January to March 2016

Page 60-63

6              Tehqeeq Ke Liye Mauzoo Ka Intekhaab Sewa Sadan Yearly College Magazine      2014-15

& 2015-16; Page 43-46

7              Urdu Zaban O Adab Par Arabi Ke Asraat:Ek Mukhtasar Jayeza     National

Monthly Journal,  Urdu Aangan,Mummbai M.S.                June 2016, Page 128-130


As a guest faculty govt.kamla raja girls p.g.autonomous college ,gwalior M.P.August 2017 to till date.

As an Assistant Professor of Urdu in Islamia Karimia College Indore since SEPTEMBER 2013 TO  JULY 2015

As an Assistant Professor of Urdu SEVA SADAN  College BURHANPUR since AUGUST 2015  TO  MARCH  2016

3 years teaching experience as an assistant teacher in Simnani Urdu Middle School, Burhanpur.

Mrs.Shabana Nikhat Ansari,  W/O Dr. Waseem Iftekhar Ansari.  Address; 366/25B Near Super Sizing Mominjamat Khana Road, Ansar Nagar,  Burhanpur  450331 M.P.

Mobile Phone:08871147309, Email :shabananikhat26@gmail.com

click following link to see book in PDF

Bab e Dakan Burhanpur By Shabana Nikhat Ansari


Shahzad Anjum Burhani

برہان پور کے نوجوان شاعر اور محقق شہزاد انجم برہانی کی یہ انتخابی اور تحقیقی کتاب کی اُمّید ہے کہ ادبی حلقوں میں خاطر خواہ پذیرائی ہوگی

bahut ghuTan hai yahāñ par koī bachā le mujhe

maiñ apnī zaat meñ madfūn huuñ nikāle mujhe


book back copy book copy shahzad anjum burhani




Tahir Naqqash

Real name is Tahir Ansari. He is a Poet and critic.طاہر نقاشؔ
ولادت    4؍فروری ۱۹۶۷ ؁ء
برہان پور کے عہدِ حاضر کے نوجوان فن کاروں میں ایک اہم نام طاہر نقاشؔ کا بھی ہے۔ ان کی ذات کئی خوبیوں کا مجموعہ ہے ۔وہ مدرس ،شاعر ،ناظمِ مشاعرہ ،مضمون نگار ،خطاّط اور سماجی خدمت گار کے طور پر اپنی شناخت قائم کرچکے ہیں۔
محمد طاہر انصاری نام اور طاہر نقاشؔ قلمی نام اختیار کرتے ہیں۔ انھوں نے ۴؍فروری ۱۹۶۷ ؁ء کو برہان پور میں محمد شبیر انصاری کے یہاں آنکھیں کھولیں ۔ان کی تعلیم و تربیت اور پرورش برہان پور کے ادبی ماحول میں ہوئی ، معاشی حالات کی ناساز گاری کے سبب تعلیم کا سلسلہ کئی بار منقطع ہوا۔ لیکن علم کی حصولیابی کے شوق نے ان کی ہمت باندھے رکھی۔ علمی استعداد ایم،اے(انگلش) تک ہے۔ تعلیم سے فراغت کے بعد ۲۱؍جولائی ۱۹۹۸ ؁ء سے درس وتدریس کاسلسلہ ، بحیثیت انگریزی استاد کے جاری ہے ۔ملازمت کے دوران انھوں نے بی،ایڈ اور ایم ،اے اردو کی ڈگریاں بھی حاصل کی ہیں۔
شاعری کی ابتداء:۔
برہان پور کے ادبی ماحول نے انھیں شعروادب کی طرف راغب کیا ،یوں بھی ان کے والد نے منظرؔ تخلص اختیار کرکے کچھ عرصہ شاعری کی تھی ۔جس کا اثر طاہر نقاشؔ پر بھی ہوا۔ ادب میں طاہر نقاشؔ کی آمد شاعری کے راستے سے ہوئی۔ اختر آصفؔ سے کلام پراصلاح لی اور لطیف شاہد کو بھی اپنا کلام دکھاتے رہتے ہیں ۔ابھی تک کوئی مجموعۂ کلام شائع نہیں ہوا۔شاعری کے ساتھ مشاعروں میں بھی ایک کامیاب ناظمِ مشاعرہ کی شناخت قائم کرچکے ہیں۔
نثر کی ابتداء:۔
نثر کی ابتداء مختصر مراسلے سے کی ۔ فن خطاطی جاننے کی وجہ سے کئی کتابیں ان کی خوش نویسی سے ہوکر گزریں، ساتھ ہی اخبار ’’برہان پور ٹائمز‘‘ میں مختلف مضمون نگاروں کے مضامین کتابت کرنے سے مضمون نگاری کی طرف توجہ مبذول ہوئی۔ اس کے بعد کچھ مضامین تحریر کئے، جن کی تعداد ۵۔۶ ہے ۔ڈاکٹر محمد شفیع کے انتقال کے بعد ان پر لکھا گیا مضمون طاہر نقاشؔ کو ایک اچھا مضمون نگار ثابت کرتا ہے ۔ اس کے علاوہ انھوں نے مختلف شخصیات کی خدمات پر تقریباً ایک درجن سپاس نامے بھی تحریر کئے ہیں۔ جن میں سے چند کے عنوانات ذیل میں ہیں۔
پروفیسر ڈاکٹر محمدشفیع صاحب(صدر شعبۂ اردو فارسی سیوا سدن کالج،برہان پور)
جناب ڈاکٹرسید شوکت علی صاحب(مشہور ،کامیاب اور تجربے کارڈاکٹر،سماجی ،ادبی خدمت گذار)
جناب ایڈوکیٹ خلیل احمد انصاری صاحب (سینئر لیکچرار سیوا سدن کالج ،برہان پور)
محترم جناب عبدلکریم سالار(جل گاؤں کی مشہور شخصیت)
انھوں نے کچھ کتابوں پرتبصرہ بھی تحریرکئے ہیں۔
اس کے علاوہ برہان پور کے عہد حاضر کے شعراء کامشترکہ مجموعہ کلام بعنوان ’’نئی امنگیں‘‘ ۱۵۸؂ بزم فروغ اردو کے اراکین کے ساتھ مل کر مرتب کیا ہے۔ یہ کتاب ۱۹۹۶ ؁ء میں شائع ہوچکی ہے ۔موصوف اس بزم کے جنرل سیکریڑی بھی ہیں۔
ڈاکٹر وسیم افتخار انصاری برہان پوری
صدر شعبۂ اردو
گورنمنٹ کملا راجا گرلز پی. جی. (آٹو نامس) کالج
کمپو، لشکر، گوالیار (ایم .پی.) 09827333039


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draft urdu rajasthan

This is Google’s cache of http://khojkhabarnews.com/2017/07/06/urdu-poets-and-writers-of-rajasthan-by-muslim-saleem/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 22 Apr 2018 09:44:52 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more.

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Urdu poets and writers of Rajasthan by Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.
Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.

(The poetry portion of this site is edited by Muslim Saleem, who is poet, writer and journalist of repute. Muslim Saleem’s ash’ar are widely popular due to being connected with grassroots. It was his idea that we created this directory of Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh-Chief Editor,Ataullah Faizan and Editor (Abdul Ahad Farhan) (See Muslim Saleem’s poetry with English and Hindi translations at this web site, muslimsaleem.blogspot.com and muslimsaleem.wordpress.com) Email: muslimsaleem@rediffmail.com mobiles: 9009217456, 9893611323 phone 0755-2730580. Muslim Saleem is an alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and is DCE of Hindustan Times, Bhopal. Related directories: Urdu poets and writers of India and Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh on khojkhabarnews.com’s poetry section)

(Note the list of deceased litterateurs in the end of this directory)


Zindagi ki tarah bikhar jaayen……kyun ham aise jiyen ki mar jaayen

kar di meeras waarison ke sipurd….zindagi kis ke naam mar jaayen

rooh ke karb ka kuchh mudaawa no tha….

doctor neend ki goiyan likh gaya

wo dekhne mein ab bhi tanawar darakht hai

haalanke waqt khod chuka hai jaden tamam.

From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.
From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.
From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.





Urdu poets and writers of Rajasthan


Abul Faiz Usmani

Former Principal, PG College, Tonk

Abul Faiz Usmani news


Abdur Rahman Khan Parsa Kausari







Basheer Ahmad Farhat Ayyubi








Dr Habeeb Ur Rahman Niazi


Dr Syed Madabbir Ali Zaidi


Dr. Zeba Zeenat


Hafiz Mohammad Ayyub Qamar Wahidi


Hasrat Jaipuri

Hasrat Jaipuri (April 15, 1922 – September 17, 1999). He was basically a Hindi and Urdu film lyricist. He does not have any significance in Urdu literary world. Most of his filmy poetry is mere tukbandi and plagiarization. For example, he wrote a song “O mere shah-e-khooban, tum mere paas hote ho, koi doosra naheen hota” in a film which is plagiarized from Meer’s couplet. Hasrat was born Iqbal Husain in Jaipur, where he studied English till medium level, and then acquired his taalim in Urdu and Persian from his grandfather, Fida Husain. He began writing verse, when he was around twenty years old. Around same time, he fell in love with a Hindu girl named Radha. He wrote a poem for her.  In 1940, Hasrat came to Mumbai, and worked as a bus conductor, earning a monthly salary of eleven rupees. He used to participate in mushairas. At a mushaira, Prithviraj Kapoor noticed Hasrat and recommended him to his son, Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor was planning a musical love story, Barsaat (1949) with Shankar-Jaikishan. Hasrat wrote his first recorded song, Jiya Beqaraar Hai for the film. His second song (and first duet) was Chhod Gaye Baalam.


Hussin Kotwi








Inamul Haq Miskeeni

Former, Chairman, Rajasthan Urdu Academy.







Khudad Khan Moonis

Former Nazim, Dargah Khwaja Saheb, Ajmer







Maulana Ihtiramuddin Shaghil










Professor Feroze Ahmad









Qabil Ajmeri


Raghib Tonki

Raghib Tonki


Rahi Shahabi

(full name: Nafasat Ali Rahi Shahabi).  Rahi Shahabi died in Jaipur on 26 April, 2005 after a protracted illness. Seventy-four years old Rahi Shahabi was born in avillage ofUP’s Buland Shahar district but was settled in Jaipur. He was secretary and subsequently chairman ofRajasthanUrduAcademy. He was the only poet who kept alive the style and tradition of Josh Mahihabadi. (Muslim Saleem – April 9, 2012).


Shamim Jaipuri (Shameem Jaipuri)








Sukhan’ Jaipuri

Rai Saheb Krishna Gopal Saxena ‘Sukhan’ Jaipuri  was born on August 13, 1894 and died on December 11, 1988). In 1921 he was the first Kayastha boy in the city ofJaipurwho had become a graduate and that too from the rather distantAllahabadUniversity. He joined the service of the court of the princely state of Jaipur and retired in 1951 as the Assistant Secretary of the state, having served in important capacities as the Superintendent Court of Wards and Special Secretary, Revenue etc. He was honored with the title of ‘Rai Saheb’ in 1947 by the then Maharaja of Jaipur Sawai Man Singh on the occasion of the silver jubilee of his ascension to the throne. He was also the Secretary of the Jaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industries for quite a long time after his retirement from the princely Court of Jaipur. ‘Sukhan” Jaipuri saheb published his collection (Deewan) of Urdu poetry with the title ‘Bahaar-e-Sukhan’ in 1971. The foreword to this work was written by another famous poet and his contemporary ‘Saba’ Jaipuri. The work received keen attention of the connoisseurs and aficionados of Urdu poetry. ‘Qamar’ Wahidi wrote a full ghazal in its honor in 1975. ‘Dilkash’ Badayuni wrote a paper on it. The Rajasthan Sahitya Academi, in its anthology of Urdu poets of Rajasthan made a special reference to his poetry. Finally in 1988, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, under the auspices of the Rajasthan Urdu Academy, honored his services to Urdu poetry and presented him with a formal Letter of Appreciation. His maternal granddaughter Dr. Anjali Nimal has translated a collection of his selected poetry in Hindi also entitled “Mash’al-e-Rah”. ‘Sukhan’ Jaipuri sahib had diverse experiences in life; ranging from a lordly affluent life in the service of the princely court to some very difficult times in his 37 years of life after retirement—all that was to find expression in his poetry.


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